Betting Blogger currently gets very targeted traffic in the gambling niche.  Mostly sports betting traffic with a small amount of poker and casino traffic.  The visitors have been ranging from 100+ unique to 1000+ unique per day with the average falling around 250 per day.

We also send out a very targeted and engaged “free picks” email every day.  This list has over 100+ subscribers and gets a good percentage of “opens” every day of the month.  We do not miss a day.

Lastly, we send out a to a larger amount of people via email.  This gets a lot of views but just goes out once a month or around big events.

Advertising Available on Betting Blogger

Website Advertising

  • 300 x 250 Sidebar Ad: Located in the right sidebar near the top.  You will be in a rotation of ads (1 of 5).
  • Text Sidebar Ad: Located in the right sidebar near the bottom.  We will accept only a total of 4 such ads in any given month.
  • Text or Image Below Post/Page Ad: Located below every post and page on the site. This will be exclusive to one sponsor every month.
  • Sponsored Post: 1-2 links may be included in a post written either by us or by you.  We only a maximum allow 5 sponsored posts per month.
  • Product Review: We will do an extensive review post writeup of your product, service or website.  This will include several links, images, anchors, etc.

Website advertising sold in monthly, 6 month and yearly terms.

Email Advertising – Daily Free Picks Email & Monthly Newsletter

  • Sidebar Ad: This is located in the “Sponsor Spotlight” section in the right sidebar of every daily email that goes out.  1-2 sentences with 1 link back to your site.  Plus a 125 x 125 image linked back to the site as well.  We only have 1 available each day.
  • In Content Ad: We will write up a featured paragraph about your product, service or website including a link back to your site.

Email advertising sold in weekly, monthly, 6 month and yearly terms.

For pricing and availability contact us here.