Why Dwight Howard Can Change One Team’s Entire Year

The New Jersey Nets are currently 4.5 games back of the 8th and final NBA playoff spot.  To be honest though, no one is really saying much about this team right now, and it’s probably for a good reason.  Sure, they have one of the best point guards in the game in Deron Williams, but outside of that they are simply a young, up and coming team, who still has quite a bit to prove.  Right now, no one is talking about them as serious NBA contenders, and you’ll find that almost no one in their right mind even debated putting an NBA futures bet on this team to win the Championship before the year.  Basically, the Nets are mediocre, to probably even worse than that right now.  Of course, that all could change if there was one big addition made.

Dwight Howard has already stated that he wants to be out of Orlando, but now is saying that he wants it to be at the end of the season.  The reason for this is most likely because he doesn’t want his new team (most likely the Nets) to give away an arm and a leg for him, when they could instead keep these young players and have a serious contender when all is said and done next year.  In my opinion, one way or the other the Nets are going to be getting Howard, but it will be interesting to see if they decide to do it this year or not.

If the Nets make the trade before the NBA’s trade deadline on Thursday, I think that not only can the New Jersey Nets get into that 8th playoff spot, but they will scare the crap out of the Chicago Bulls or Miami Heat in round one.  Think about a team in the Heat/Bulls who are sitting at the top and preparing for an average team in round one, having to get paired up against the combination of Deron Williams and Dwight Howard?  It’s a pretty scary thought, and if the Nets trade for Howard this season, maybe putting a small futures bet on them to win the East this year might not be as crazy as it sounds.

Betting on the Nets this year would be a little crazy still, mainly because we are so far into the season, and doing it next year would make more sense; but Howard has essentially carried this Magic team on his back to this point, and they have a 28-15 record right now.  Having him paired up with Williams would absolutely not only point toward a bright future, but it could change the New Jersey Nets season completely THIS year.

Basically what I’m getting at here, is that if the Nets do pull the trigger and make a huge deal just before the trade deadline, don’t be the bettor who was too scared to put your action down on them because they were 4.5 games back of a VERY weak Eastern Conference!

A Further Look at Deron Williams to the Nets

After failing to land Carmelo Anthony, the New Jersey Nets pulled off their own blockbuster and acquired Deron Williams from the Utah Jazz for Devin Harris and Derrick Favors. This trade is a win-win for both teams. Deron Williams is quite frankly a better player than Anthony, and someone you can build a team around, while the Jazz get 2 good pieces in Harris and Favors to rebuild their team, in addition to the draft picks they got in this deal. Devin Harris is one of the most underrated players in the NBA. Dallas made a huge mistake trading him away for Jason Kidd in 2008. Dallas made a knee-jerk reaction to the Lakers getting Gasol and the Suns getting Shaq that year, and it ended up costing them. Dallas was set to make a deep playoff run that year, and Harris would have been a huge part of it. Those playoffs would have been his coming out party, Dallas’ star to build around when Dirk retires. Hopefully Harris gets his chance to be that star in Utah.

Deron Williams Traded to the New Jersey Nets

The Utah Jazz and the New Jersey Nets have reportedly came to an agreement on a trade.  Deron Williams will now be a member of the New Jersey Nets.  Supposedly the New Jersey Nets  get Deron Williams and Dan Gadzuric (from the Warriors) while the Utah Jazz will get Derrick Favors and Devin Harris and two first-round picks.  Troy Murphy gets sent to the Warriors from the Nets.

So who does this trade “favor”?  Favors is a nice young talent that had a lot of interest across the league.  We know Devin Harris is a solid player.  But Deron Williams is one of the top 5 point guards in the league.  In my opinion, this trade favors the Nets.  They needed an overhaul and can now build around Deron Williams.

What other blockbuster trades will we see today?

Jason Kidd finally traded to Dallas

To trade or not to trade? The long-asked question has finally been answered: To trade

Jason Kidd is finally going to Dallas (again) a week after the trade seemed to be in severe jeopardy, thanks to Devean George invoking his little-known no-trade clause to veto the deal, and Jerry Stackhouse implying that there was a pre-arranged deal for him to return to Dallas, albeit legal.

The new deal looks like this: Devin Harris, DeSagana Diop, Maurice Ager, Trenton Hassell, Keith Van Horn, first-round draft picks in 2008 and 2010 and $3 million going to New Jersey in return for Kidd, Malik Allen, and Antoine Wright. The Mavericks were able to lure Van Horn out of retirement and Van Horn will be playing for the Nets.

With the deal having been so close to completion last week, this is huge for Dallas that it got done. In the end, even though this will dent Cuban’s wallet 11M more than the original deal, Dallas will be better off this year, as they keep George instead of Hassell, and they don’t lose Stack for 30 days. New Jersey wins too with this deal. They clear cap room, and they get a young point guard to build around with in Devin Harris. With Kidd now, Dallas got one of the more loaded teams in the league, able to fly with some of the other elite team’s combos. This deal gives Dallas the mental toughness they need to contend for a title. With the West so wide open, I’m not going to crown the Mavericks, but look for them to be in the hunt.

To trade or not to trade?

This past week, the Dallas Mavericks and New Jersey Nets reached an agreement to trade Jason Kidd and Malik Allen to Dallas in return for Devin Harris, Devean George, Jerry Stackhouse, DeSagana Diop, Maurice Ager, first round draft picks in 2008 and 2010, and cash going to the Nets. Only the trade has encountered several snags.

First, Devean George invoked his little-known no-trade clause granted to him because is an “early bird” free agent this summer. Because a player with such rights does not get the rights traded with him, he is compensated with the right to veto any trade.

Secondly, Stackhouse’s comment, “I get 30 days to rest, then I’ll be right back. I ain’t going nowhere,” could derail the trade. The comment could be interpreted as tampering, as a pre-arranged deal could be in place where the Nets buy him out right away, and once 30 days elapse, Stack returns to Dallas. The league office is now saying that they might not allow Stack to return to Dallas if he is in fact traded and then waived.

The deal could still be done by signing-and-trading Keith Van Horn and putting Trenton Hassell in the deal, but New Jersey wants George and Stackhouse for the expiring contracts, and Dallas owner Mark Cuban doesn’t want to pay more luxury tax, which is what would happen if Van Horn was thrown into the deal. And because of the situation with Stackhouse, Dallas doesn’t want to lose him.

If this trade falls through, it will be a disaster for the Mavericks. If it manages to go through, this team gives Dallas a fearsome foursome of Dirk-Terry-Howard-Kidd rivaling the Lakers combo of Kobe-Odom-Bynum-Gasol, and the Spurs foursome of Duncan-Parker-Bowen-Ginobli. The Nets get cap room with the expiring contracts, and a young point guard to build around in Devin Harris. What will happen is anyone’s guess, but this will be another major disaster in Dallas if it fails to happen, and it is uncertain if Dallas will recover from it