2013 Super Bowl 47 Odds

2013 Super Bowl 47 Odds

Bovada has updated their 2012 / 2013 Super Bowl 47 Odds.  Here are the odds below.  We will update this post as the odds change.

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  • Green Bay Packers 6/1
  • New England Patriots 13/2
  • San Francisco 49ers 10/1
  • Houston Texans 12/1
  • Philadelphia Eagles 12/1
  • Pittsburgh Steelers 16/1
  • Chicago Bears 16/1
  • Denver Broncos 16/1
  • New Orleans Saints 18/1
  • New York Giants 18/1
  • Baltimore Ravens 18/1
  • Dallas Cowboys 18/1
  • Detroit Lions 22/1
  • Atlanta Falcons 25/1
  • San Diego Chargers 25/1
  • New York Jets 28/1
  • Carolina Panthers 35/1
  • Kansas City Chiefs 45/1
  • Cincinnati Bengals 40/1
  • Buffalo Bills 50/1
  • Seattle Seahawks 50/1
  • Tennessee Titans 50/1
  • Arizona Cardinals 60/1
  • Washington Redskins 60/1
  • Oakland Raiders 65/1
  • St. Louis Rams 75/1
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers 75/1
  • Miami Dolphins 75/1
  • Minnesota Vikings 150/1
  • Cleveland Browns 150/1
  • Indianapolis Colts 150/1
  • Jacksonville Jaguars 200/1
Super Bowl 46 Special Prop Bets Official Results

Super Bowl 46 Special Prop Bets Official Results

If you are like me you probably bet a whole bunch of random prop bets for Super Bowl 46 last night. There are always questions around some of these. Books often disagree on many of these. Below is the official special prop bet results from Bovada for Super Bowl XLVI (46).


-National Anthem over 1 minute 34 seconds
-Kelly Clarkson wore “Anything else”
-Kelly Clarkson Belly was not showing
-Kelly Clarkson did not forget or omit a word
-Madonna’s Hair was blonde
-Madonna did wear fishnets
-Madonna did wear a hat
-Madonna did not wear an NFL Shirt or Jersey
-Peyton Manning was shown on TV under 3.5 times
-Giselle Bundchen was shown on TV over 0.5 times
-Andrew Luck was not mentioned at all
-Jim Irsay was not mentioned at all
-David Tyree’s catch was not shown
-Mitt Romney was not shown
-Robert Kraft was shown over 3.5 times
-Tom Brady’s son was not shown at all so all wagers were refunded
-Gatorade shower was purple. Purple was not an option so all wagers were refunded
-MVP did not thank anyone

Did anyone have any controversy with any of these?  I know the National Anthem time by Kelly Clarkson was VERY CLOSE (within seconds) of the final number.  Did it really go over?  Hope you all made money on this years Super Bowl.

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Super Bowl 46 Pick & Prediction from Betting Blogger

The big game has finally arrived, and it took a bit of a crazy Championship weekend for us to get to this point. The New York Giants and New England Patriots will now meet again in a rematch of what was one of the most incredible Super Bowls in recent years from back in 2008. Neither team had a walk to get here though, and this includes those Championship games that we just mentioned. The Giants were forced into overtime by the San Francisco 49ers, and it took a fumbled punt return for them to get the win and move on. The Patriots on the other hand had to hold on with very few seconds remaining as Billy Cundiff missed a game tying field goal for the Baltimore Ravens.

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Regardless of how they got there, both of these teams are now playing for the Super Bowl, and it not only has the potential to be one of the best games of the season, but it also is going to be an excellent sports betting option! Betting on the Super Bowl is popular all around the world, so we are here to help make this year’s Super Bowl prediction and pick, and win some money as well. There are a few things to take into consideration before we make the pick, and part of it has to do with that Super Bowl back in 2008, while the other has to do with these two current teams.

Both teams have incredible passing offenses with two great quarterbacks in Eli Manning and Tom Brady. They also have wide receiving groups that could scare just about any secondary, which feature the likes of Wes Welker, Rob Gronkowski, Aaron Hernandez, Hakeem Nicks, Victor Cruz, and Mario Manningham. Both secondaries are going to have their hands full, and that is bad news for both, as this is the weak point for each side.

A big question will relate to how the secondaries will step up here, and in my opinion I think that New England has look quite a bit improved during these playoffs. While neither one looks excellent, I like New England’s secondary a bit more, and I also think that the Patriots defense will cause some turnovers as well. The last thing that is making me lean towards New England though, is the fact that two big names in Bill Belichick and Tom Brady remember that incredibly tough loss back in 2008. They will be coming out to get the Giants, and I think they’ll have enough in the end.

All in all, I’m going to not only pick the New England Patriots to get the win here, but I also think that they are going to cover the spread. It started out as the Patriots being favored by -3.5, which would have been tough, but it has moved quite a bit and now has New England at -2.5. I love giving up less than three points with the Pats strong offense, so I’m picking the New England Patriots to cover the -2.5 here and win Super Bowl 46.

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Check out our Super Bowl 46 Props guide as well.

Super Bowl 46 Prop Bets and Betting Guide

Super Bowl 46 Prop Bets and Betting Guide

Prop betting on the Super Bowl is probably one of the biggest betting options on the board.  While all of the hype surrounding Super Bowl betting comes from the point spread, you can find some of the best betting options on the big game under the “prop bets” section on your favorite online betting site.  Today, we are going to take a look at a few of the different prop bets, and find some of our favorites to help make some money as well.  Obviously for the Super Bowl there are a TON of prop bets on the board, so it can take some time to look through them all.  Fortunately that’s what we are here for though, as we’ve found some prop bets that we think are some of the best available.  We’ve found a nice combination between game props, team props, and player props, but all of these are big ones!

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Total Passes Thrown by Eli Manning Over/Under 38.5
Pick: OVER 38.5- odds 20/23
Whether you like it or not, this game is going to be a pass heavy game.  Both offenses are going to have to attempt to take advantage of the other teams’ weak secondaries.  Manning also is coming off of a game against San Francisco in which he threw 58 total passes.  While I don’t think it will be quite that high, I do think that there will be over 38.5 passes thrown by Manning.  Another small reason for it, is because I think that the Patriots are going to be in the lead quite a bit, which will lead to the Giants having to play catch up.
Eli Manning Total Interceptions Over/Under 0.5
Pick: OVER 0.5- odds 1/2
This number just seems a bit too low for me.  While Eli has only throw one pick during this postseason, the Patriots secondary is going to be taking some chances out there on defense.  They aren’t a strong enough team to be able to sit back and hope that Eli makes mistakes, so I except quite a bit of pressure to be put on Manning as well.  This could lead to some errant passes, which will indeed lead to an interception or two from it.
Total Receiving Yards for Ahmad Bradshaw Over/Under 22.5
Pick:  OVER 22.5- odds 4/5
Ahmad Bradshaw will be a part of this game in one way or another.  While I don’t think he’ll have an excellent rushing game, I do think that he’ll be a big part of the passing game.  He had 52 receiving yards last game, and I expect a number similar to that by the end of Super Bowl 46.  If the Patriots put as much pressure on Manning as I’m expecting, he could be looking to do quite a few dump offs to Bradshaw in hopes that he can pick up some big time yards in the open field.  I’m going with the over on the 22.5 total yards receiving for him.
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Total Touchdown Passes for Tom Brady Over/Under 2.5
Pick:  OVER 2.5- odds 5/7
Brady is going to be a machine in Super Bowl 46.  It’s just one of those situations where I feel that he is more ready than he’s been in recent years, and that he’s going to play one of the best games of his career.  While I don’t see Brady throwing for six touchdown passes like he did against the Denver Broncos, I do think that he’s going to put up at least three against this Giants secondary.  I love this bet, and expect Brady to win some money for all of the bettors who believed in him on this one.
Total Rushing Yards for Danny Woodhead Over/Under 25.5
Pick:  UNDER 25.5- odds 20/23
I don’t think Woodhead will be a huge part of this game in terms of rushing the ball.  So far in his two post season games so far this year he ran for 25 yards, and 18 yards, and he’ll be up against a tough Giants front line.  The Patriots rely their rushing duties mainly on BenJarvus Green Ellis, so I expect him to get any amount of rushing work mainly.  I see Woodhead potentially getting some receptions out of the backfield, but he’ll struggle to get above 20 or 25 yards on the ground, which is why I’m going to get a nice bet in on the under 25.5 rushing yards for him.
Who Will Catch a Pass First: Hakeem Nicks (4/7) vs. Deion Branch (29/20)
Pick:  Hakeem Nicks- odds 4/7
Branch is definitely not a go to guy for Brady right now, but that’s mainly due to the many other weapons that this team has.  The Giants on the other hand will look to get one of the best wide outs in the game in Hakeem Nicks involved as quickly as possible.  I think Nicks is going to be one of the best players for New York in Super Bowl 46, and I think it’ll start early in the game.  I’m going to be betting on Nicks to get that first catch over Deion Branch on Sunday.
Who Will Catch a Pass First:  Travis Beckum (TE New York odds 20/33) or Julian Edelman (WR odds 27/20)
Pick:  Travis Beckum- odds 20/33
I’m playing the odds on this one because of how things have gone for both of these players in the playoffs to this point.  Beckum started the first game with only one catch, then recorded two against the Packers in round two, and then had four catches last weekend against the 49ers.  Edelman on the other hand has only had one catch in both games, and I could actually potentially see him not doing much in terms of catching passes on Sunday.  I’ll take Travis Beckum here to get the first catch out of these two players, and I feel pretty good about it as well.
Who Will Have More Completions: Tom Brady -1 vs. Eli Manning +1 (odds 20/23 on both)
Pick:  Tom Brady -1 – odds 20/23
As previously mentioned, I think that Tom Brady is going to have an excellent game, and I could definitely see him completing more passes than Eli here.  Part of the reason for this is because even if the Patriots get the lead, they are most likely going to continue throwing because they want the ball in Brady’s hands.  I like Brady to complete at least three or four more passes than Manning on Super Bowl Sunday this year.
Who Will Reach 30 Receiving Yards First: Victor Cruz (10/13) vs. Rob Gronkowski (1/1)
Pick:  Victor Cruz- odds 10/13
While I think that both of these receivers are going to have big games, I think that Cruz is going to come out of the gate with a pretty big play.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Cruz’s first catch goes for 30 yards, while I expect Gronk to get his work in with some excellent catches, but that it will take a bit more time for him to get to the 30 yard mark.  I like Cruz’s break away speed, so I’m betting on him to get to the 30 mark first and kick the game off the right way for his Giants team.
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