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2021 NBA Odds | A Closer Look at All Remaining Playoffs Teams

For the first time since 1998 the Spurs, Lakers, Heat and Warriors will NOT be playing in the NBA Finals. So who is left? Well, five out of the eight remaining have never won an NBA championship. Out of the three who have, the latest championship was in 1983, won by the Philadelphia 76ers. Regardless of who wins it all, we will see history made this year.

Let’s take a look at every team’s odds to win the Finals and what to expect for the rest of the Playoffs!

  • Brooklyn Nets
  • Odds to win NBA Finals:
  • +110 (via Draftkings)

Early favorites to win it all earlier in the season, the Nets have finally been clicking as of late, winning 10 of their last 11 games. It is a shame that James Harden suffered a hamstring injury within the first few minutes of Game 1 against the Bucks. Nonetheless, the stacked Nets have been able to pick up the load without their best playmaker on the court and have taken a commanding 2-0 lead.

I think that the Nets are a great team and are heavy favorites to win the Finals. If you want a more solidified team to put your money on, this is the team to do so.

  • Utah Jazz
  • Odds to win NBA Finals:
  • +350 (via Draftkings)

The best team in the NBA, has been showing everyone why in these Playoffs. Donovan Mitchell has been absolutely insane thus far. With a comeback win last night against the Clippers, they advance to 1-0 in the series. He isn’t the only reason for their success, however. The Jazz have 6 players scoring double digits in the Playoffs with a 47% shooting percentage as a team.

They are the team to beat in the West and have a really good chance at winning it all, considering that a majority of the remaining teams do not have that much experience deep in the Playoffs. The Jazz are my pick to win the West and the FInals.

  • Los Angeles Clippers
  • Odds to win NBA Finals:
  • +500 (via Draftkings)

I am quite surprised to see this team with the 3rd highest odds to win the championship. They struggled mightily against a Dallas Mavericks team that was literally being carried and kept alive by Luka Doncic himself.

Sure, they have Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, but as we have seen in the past and in this year too, PG is very inconsistent in the Playoffs. The supporting cast for the Clippers is also very inconsistent and is oftentimes detrimental to the team’s ability to win a game, as we saw in Game 1 against the Jazz.

In my opinion, I don’t think that they will make it out of the semifinals, AGAIN. Could it be a curse, or just bad playing and coaching? People were making Doc Rivers to be the problem but Ty Lue has been even worse in terms of defensive matchups and offensive substitutions.

  • Phoenix Suns
  • Odds to win NBA Finals:
  • +750 (via Draftkings)

The biggest surprise team in these Playoffs without a doubt. They defeated the defending World Champion, Los Angeles Lakers in 6 games and absolutely destroyed them in games 5 and 6. With an incredible comeback victory in Game 1 against the Nuggets, thanks to their fans, they are in a very good position to make a Finals run.

It will not be an easy path for them of course, but with the veteran experience in Chris Paul, this team can go as far as they want to in my opinion. Coach Monty Williams has been absolutely stellar this season in terms of getting Devin Booker the chance to take over games.

If you want to make a big-money move and get some big winnings, I highly recommend putting your money on this team to win the Finals. They are very well built and have incredible upside this season and even next season if they do not win. Plus, 2021 NBA odds on them to win the Finals offer superb value!

  • Philadelphia 76ers
  • Odds to win NBA Finals:
  • +1200 (via Draftkings)

Not quite sure why the 76ers are this low on the odds, but they have an incredible opportunity in the East to make it to the NBA Finals. If they are able to beat the Hawks in the semifinals they will have to most likely face off against the Nets, whom they matchup fairly well with. Joel Embiid finished 2nd in MVP voting and has been absolutely destroying teams and creating matchup nightmares for any center trying to guard him in the Playoffs.

2021 NBA Odds Joel Embiid

If you really want to make the most money while betting, putting your money on this team is the best way to get the biggest winnings. None of the other remaining teams really have a chance at winning the Finals, or even making it out of their respective conferences. The 76ers are well-coached and have great defense, which is something that teams who win championships have.

  • Milwaukee Bucks
  • Odds to win NBA Finals:
  • +1400 (via Draftkings)

What is going on with Milwaukee? They are not hitting any of their 3 pointers, and that is the one thing that they exclusively do. The Nets are absolutely dismantling them in this series and if the Bucks do not start hitting their shots, this series will be over very quickly. Giannis and Middleton are the top two scoring options for this team and have been absolutely abysmal this series.

There’s a chance that they can somehow beat the Nets, but that is very slim. I don’t think that this team is in the right headspace right now and if they continue this poor play any longer, their season will be over very quickly.

  • Atlanta Hawks
  • Odds to win NBA Finals:
  • +2500 (via Draftkings)

Trae Young has been incredible thus far in the Playoffs, but I don’t think that this team has enough to make it to the Finals. Sure they won their first series, but it was against the Knicks. If the Hawks don’t find an answer for Joel Embiid within the next few games, their season might be over quickly.

I wouldn’t put any money on this team to win the Finals, all of the remaining teams are far better and more experienced than this team. It was a great season and run for the Hawks but I think that it will come to a close soon.

  • Denver Nuggets
  • Odds to win NBA Finals:
  • +4000 (via Draftkings)

Newly announced MVP Nikola Jokic looks to lead his team into the conference finals for the 2nd consecutive year, hopefully with a different result this time. Michael Porter Jr. is an incredible scorer and has put on a show this year, but I think that this team is missing something. The answer is Jamal Murray. Without him, they lose one of their best playmakers and scorers, which will hurt them later on in the Playoffs.

Playing a very good Suns team and possibly having to face the Jazz in the conference Finals makes the path very hard. I think that this team is solid, but missing that one extra piece to help Jokic. Not to mention that Damian Lillard was absolutely torching them and they did not make a single adjustment.

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