We assume that if you are doing your research here on the multiple different types of poker games, poker strategies, and poker sites; that you are interested in actually PLAYING poker.  Well, if you are like most poker fans, you’d love to get into the game and start playing poker.  There are quite a few different routes to go if you were interested and playing, but the one we recommend the most is to start playing online.  If you jump right into a casino setting it could be tough for you to adjust, and there are a lot of very good players as well.  Most casinos offer games that are a bit above what most beginners want to start playing at also, and online poker sites offer many different levels of game buy-ins.  So whether you want to start playing cash game poker or tournament poker, check out our top online poker rooms for their currently deposit bonuses that they are offering.  But we’ll start off by comparing the two different options of playing in a live poker room, or playing in an online poker room.

Play Poker In a Casino

Playing poker in a casino can be very profitable…if you are ready to play the higher limits.  Most casinos will only offer a minimum No Limit Hold’em game of around $1/$2 blinds.  And I’ll tell you, if you aren’t prepared for that, it can be a quick way to drop some money.  But granted, a lot of new poker players have done a ton of research and know the ins and the outs of the poker world, and it wouldn’t be a bad idea if you have a local casino near you that you wanted to go try your luck at.  Casino’s also run a lot of tournaments as well, and playing in a tournament in a casino is definitely much more recommended than a cash game.  So check out your local casino or local poker room and see what they have going on currently, and get out there and play some poker.

Play Poker Online

As I’m sure you’ve figured out by now, there are a ton of online poker rooms with a lot to choose from.  The best thing to do if you are interested in starting your online poker career, is to check out the deposit bonuses, and read the poker room reviews before making a decision.  Once you do that, you’ll be on your way to be playing.  One of the biggest perks that playing in an online poker room will offer you as a new player, is that you can select what you want to play.  Whether you want to start with a tournament, a small cash game, large cash game, sit-n-go, or even if you want to play a game like Razz or Seven Card Stud, most sites offer all of these options.  If you are interested in playing cash games, almost all online poker sites will let you play poker for blind levels of $0.01/$0.02 and up.  Another thing to remember about playing online is that as you start to get a feel for the game; you can take your time making decisions and figuring out the poker room, etc.

Most sites will also run tournaments throughout the day, everyday as well.  So if you were more interested in getting into tournament poker play, just scroll through the tournaments that are currently registering and find one that interests you.  This is another perk of online poker, while casinos will offer a tournament every once in a while; online poker rooms will offer multiple tournaments throughout the day.

So now that you’ve done your research and are ready to go, get into the game and let us know if our advice was helpful!