Online poker has completely changed the way that people think about the word “poker”.  One of the biggest downfalls for professional poker players was the fact that they could only play one hand at a time, at one table.  Players could get around 30-50 hands per hour typically at a normal poker game, making it a bit hard to maximize their profits.  Online poker has made incredible strides over the past few years, and saw a huge jump in online poker traffic after the World Series of Poker became an overnight hit on ESPN.  Online poker allows players to play any game they want, for almost any buy-in that they want as well.  Sites offer cash games, sit-n-go tournaments (6 to 180 players), heads-up tournaments, and multi-table tournaments as well.  One of the perks of online poker for players is that there is games and tournaments that run all day, every day, allowing players to get as much action as they want.  Players can play multiple tables at one time as well, which has been a huge factor in making some of the top online poker players become as profitable as they are.

Poker Tournaments

While all online poker sites will offer tons of poker tournaments each day, they also offer guaranteed tournaments and satellites.  Guaranteed tournaments will have a guaranteed prize pool, meaning that even all of the players’ buy-ins to the tournament doesn’t add up to the guarantee, you’ll still have the larger amount of money in the prize pool!  Satellites are fan favorites of a lot of poker players, as they offer you the chance to be able to win your way into huge poker tournaments, whether it be online tournaments or even big tournaments like the World Series of Poker.  Many professional poker players make a living playing online poker tournaments as well.

Cash Games

Probably even bigger than tournaments, cash games are a huge part of the online poker world.  Players can buy in to cash games at whichever blind levels they want.  Of course each poker site does it differently as far as what levels they offer, but most range from $0.01/$0.02 to $100/$200 and sometimes even higher.  Sites will offer games from Limit and No Limit Texas Hold’em, as well as Limit and Pot Limit Omaha, and multiple other games such as Stud and Razz.  Multi-tabling is probably even bigger in cash games than it is in multi-table tournament play, and is the most popular form of online poker for most poker professionals.

Professional Poker Players

We’re not going to tell you that becoming a professional poker player is an easy task by any means, but there are quite a few players out there who make a living off of playing online poker.  The two most popular games for professional poker players to play are No Limit Hold’em, and Pot Limit Omaha.  It’s no surprise that those two games are the biggest games out there for professional players, as the World Series of Poker currently offers a “No Limit Hold’em Championship” and a “Pot Limit Omaha Championship” each year.  Most online poker players do hours and hours of research and poker training, and start the same way that most new players start; at the low limit tables, grinding it out.  A lot of professional poker players offer online poker training as well.

Poker Training

Poker training is one of the best ways to get your online poker game up to par.  Online poker moves quickly, and can be overwhelming if you aren’t prepared for it.  As previously mentioned, a lot of poker pros offer poker training, and there is even free online poker training as well.  There’s no reason to jump into the game before researching the games and strategies as well!

One of the reasons for the always increasing popularity of online poker, is more than just the fact that players get to play more hands, but also that they don’t have to play in live games, face to face with other players.  It’s a lot easier to hide your “poker face” behind a computer compared to playing in live games, and finding live games to play in can be tough.  In the world of online poker there are always games going, and the only thing that players know about you is your username on the online poker site.

A website called Planet Poker was the first ever online card room to offer real money poker games.  Today, professional poker players also get hired by online poker sites to be part of their “team of pros”, in order to help market their website and draw in additional players, with the idea of grabbing a player’s attention with the opportunity to play against some of the games best.  One thing to remember about online poker websites, is that while there are 550+ online poker sites, a lot of them are “skins”, which are sites who actually run with other sites (to combine players), but offer different looking websites to play on.  There are only about 25-40 stand alone sites, who do not have multiple skins.

There are so many online poker rooms, poker news sites, large poker tournaments, great promotional offers from online poker sites, and many other things; that we can’t even begin to knock it all out in a few sentences.  Check out the other pages on Betting Blogger to find even more information about ANYTHING that you could imagine having a question on.  Better yet, if you don’t find it on here, just send us an email and I’m sure we’ll have the answer for you.