Poker training is one of the most important and best services offered to online poker players.  The last thing that you want to do is head to the tables with no knowledge or strategy of the game that you are about to play.  This can be the easiest way to drop some money very quickly.  There are multiple different types of training offered for multiple different games, ranging from live poker, to online poker, and games from cash, to different tournaments.

Some of the best poker players in the world offer their services to help young poker players improve their game, and even new online poker players will give opinions all over the internet as well.  Poker training can be done in multiple different ways, whether it be through videos of online or live play, forums with people asking questions on how to play hands, and even strategy websites that give you general thoughts on training in general.  We are here to describe the different types of poker training, and how they can help your game as well.

Live Game Poker Training

Live game poker training is basically to teach new poker players how to play the game live.  Playing online poker and playing live poker are two different worlds, and need two different types of poker training.  The live training will focus more on how to read other players, how to play your hands, and much more.  Live poker training consists of both cash games, and tournaments as well.

Online Poker Training

Playing online poker is different than live poker, mainly because there is no way to read your opponents’ faces, or see if they have any tells.   Online poker training focuses more on when to be aggressive, and how to read the plays of your opponents.  It teaches you how to focus on whether a player is aggressive or tight.  Online poker training has become the most popular type of training, mainly because it is offered by a ton of people and services, all across the internet.

Cash Game Poker Training

Cash games are the most profitable type of poker play if you can be successful at them.  The poker training that is given for cash games is tough, and definitely isn’t for everyone.  Players need to know how to play a wider range of hands, and need to focus a lot more on their opponents’ play.  There is a lot of bluffing and three-betting when it comes to cash games, which are other traits that players need to pick up from cash game poker training.  Always remember that cash game play is completely different than tournament play!

Tournament Poker Training

When a player begins to play online poker or live poker, this is typically the type of game that they prefer to start with.  The World Series of Poker drew a ton of attention and a lot of new poker players to the world, and people love to learn the game that they see the pros play.  Well, if you hop into a poker tournament with no training, you’ll be hopping on out of that tournament pretty quickly most of the time.  Some of the best tournament players in the world know how to grind out the tournament for hours (and even days sometimes), and this is a trait that you need to learn as well.

As previously mentioned there are quite a few different ways to receive poker training, and we’ll break those down for you as well.

Poker Videos

Poker videos are the most popular type of online poker training.  Poker players will record their play on one of their online poker sites, and go back and record over the play explaining what they did throughout.  It is a great way for new players to learn how the pros play, and hear for themselves exactly what player is thinking while he plays.  Most new online poker players take to poker videos for their poker training.

Poker Forums

Poker forums are a great way for players to talk about their play and also “what to do” in certain situations.  All players run into tough spots where they aren’t sure exactly what to do, and are curious for other players’ opinions after the tournament.  Players can go on and post different hands and questions that they have, and get feedback from other poker players.

Strategy Websites

These are basically websites that offer a “how to” on playing both live poker and online poker.  They will give you a general idea behind how to play, when to raise, when to check, and when to fold.  Strategy websites are great for all new poker players who are trying to get a feel for how to play specific hands, how much to raise, and when to give up on a hand.  A lot of poker pros even offer sites like these, giving their specific insight on how or why the played a hand the way that they did.