Sports betting is emerging as one of the easiest and best ways to make a profit online. If you love sports and follow them closely then sports betting may be for you.  Sports such as baseball, basketball, football, soccer, tennis, golf, ufc and more.  Sports betting is not rocket science.  You simply pick the winners of games and become good at predicting scores.  We’re not saying it’s easy but if you continue reading our site, we’re confident you’ll find sports betting to be a fairly simple and exciting thing to get involved in.  Here at betting blogger our goal is to become the ultimate sports betting resource around.  We will have it all from news, odds, picks, strategy and more.

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If you are this far you are probably already familiar with sports betting concepts and terminology.  But if you are not we have tons of sports betting strategy articles and even sports betting definitions in our betting dictionary.  As you probably know, finding the best sports betting sportsbook is the number 1 key to betting on sports.

Sports Guides Covered at Betting Blogger

Below are the sports covered here at Betting Blogger. Click on each to get a full guide to betting on that sport.

We also strive to bring you sports betting information about all of your favorite Teams and the major Sporting Events around the globe.  To keep up to date with some of these top events and sports check out our Sports Schedule which we keep up to date to assist you in sports betting.

Sports Betting Odds

The first step to understanding sports betting is to understand how the betting odds work.  In any game or match where there are two teams/players competing there is always a favorite and always an underdog.  The favorite will be listed with a – such as -120 while the underdog odds will be listed with a + like +140.  The payouts on your bet are calculated based on these sports betting odds.  The Sportsbook makes it’s money by collecting “Juice” from each winning bet.  We cover all of this in great detail on our betting odds page and our live odds page so be sure to take a look.

Sports Betting Free Picks

In betting, picks are one thing that everyone is looking for.  Whether it be Free Picks or Premium Picks – everyone wants winners.

Sports Betting Strategy

Take a look at our collection of Sports Betting Strategy articles to learn how to make money betting on sports.