Betting Blogger is here first and foremost, to help you know HOW and WHERE to bet on sports. We do a great job of providing tips and strategy to help you make your own betting picks.

That said, we do send out a free picks email once a day. It’s a very simple, straight forward, FREE email that goes out daily. It contains one pick and no analysis most of the times. Click here if you would like to receive our FREE DAILY PICK email.

Premium Picks

Betting Blogger does not offer any “pay for picks” premium service. That is NOT why we are here. But as you know, a lot of handicappers and touts do offer premium picks.

One of the biggest problems with paid picks today is they just FEEL shady. You are constantly getting upsold or “bait n switched” by creepy sales guys. The product is typically very low quality.

We have done our research and have partnered with an up and coming premium picks service —! These guys get it. They are a refreshing new service that is not going to put you through all of the tout BS you would typically see.

They offer very straight forward services with no hidden fees or upsells. It’s only a handful of the best “sports investors” around. They personally bet large amounts of money on every play they release.

This is NOT a service that sends out 10 picks a day and chases when they lose. They are truly PREMIUM picks from reliable, consistent, winning individuals.

If you are interested in checking out be sure to tell them Betting Blogger sent you. Here is the link to their site!