Soccer betting can be one of the most profitable sports betting options, or one of the toughest sports to bet on. There are multiple leagues in multiple countries, as well as multiple different ways to bet on soccer. The main focus is typically on International Soccer, whether it be friendlies, yearly tournaments, or the World Cup. Soccer is considered to be the most popular sport in the world, which some people throughout the United States disagree with. Soccer games are run in two 45 minute halves, with a halftime in between. Soccer is most popular in Europe, where some of the best players in the world typically end up playing for club teams. Big sports bettors who watch sports throughout the world, know probably the most about soccer over any other sport; mainly due to the large number of leagues and teams that play. The MLS (Major League Soccer) is a United States based soccer league, and has grown in popularity recently. The MLS season typically runs from March to November, with each team playing 34 total games.

Soccer Odds and Betting Types

The bets offered on soccer typically depend on the game. You’ll of course always get your standard betting options, but if it is the World Cup; you’ll get more betting options on the bigger games. The main type of bet offered is a straight bet. Straight betting in soccer is just picking which team you think will win the game; with the odds being adjusted by which team is favored. The thing to remember with straight betting in soccer, is that if you want to place a straight bet, sometimes a team can be heavy favorites and offer odds of up to -800 or even more. An example of a straight bet though, is if the Brazil national team is playing Germany, the odds for betting Brazil may be -180, while betting Germany would be something around +140. While straight betting is typically the more popular bet offered in soccer, it’s not always necessarily the best bet.

Another type of bet offered is the spread bet. Spread betting in soccer works a little different than most sports. The line is normally set at -1.5 and +1.5, but if a team is a big favorite it can vary up to -2.5 or even -3.5 in rare occasions. The odds are adjusted based on which team is favored still, so if a team is a fairly big favorite and the line is only -1.5, you’ll get better odds to bet the line than betting straight; but your odds still won’t be excellent in taking the bet. Soccer betting offers spread bets specifically for situations where one team is a heavy favorite over another, and you can get the better odds for it. An example of a spread bet is if you’re betting on the Mexico national team against the United States national team, and the game is set at a pick (even money on either side), the -1.5 for Mexico would offer odds of around +180, and betting the USA +1.5 would be -200. This means that since it’s unlikely that Mexico will win by 2 goals, you’re going to get better odds on that bet.

Now totals in soccer betting can be tough to bet on. Total betting is set up to where you have the projected goals for the game, and bet if it will go over that number, or under it. Over/unders typically range from about 1.5 (very rarely) to 3.5 (also rare), and are typically set at 2.5. The times that they’re set at 1.5 are when you have two very, very strong defensive teams, and when you have it set at 3.5 is when you typically have one team who is a heavy favorite over an under matched team. A good example of a total bet, is if you have Australia vs. New Zealand and the total is set at 2.5; if you bet the over the line may be +130 and the under may be -125. This means that the under is the popular pick and the way that the game is predicted to go.

The final type of soccer betting that is typically offered is the prop bet. Prop bets are typically offered in big World Cup games, or other big International games. If the World Cup Final is set, and both teams have been decided; you’ll probably get multiple different options on things like “first player to score”, “when the first goal will happen” (first 10 minutes, first 20 minutes, etc), and bets along those lines. Prop bets’ odds normally vary quite a bit, and in options like “first player to score” you’ll get quite a few options on that bet. For example, if you like a specific player to score first in the game, you can place the bet and get very good odds on it. So if Netherlands is playing Italy, you’ll get about 7 or 8 players listed with odds ranging on average from about +400 to +1500 depending on the player and how they’ve been playing. Prop bets can be some of the most interesting and profitable betting options on the board, but they’re also very easy to get overwhelmed by.

Major Soccer Events to Bet On

The biggest event in soccer betting to bet on, is the World Cup. The World Cup happens every 4 years and rotates the country that it takes place in. The World Cup features the top 32 teams in the world playing in different groups of four teams each, with the top two from each group advancing to the final 16. From there it is a head to head tournament with the winner of each game advancing on. The betting options open up quite a bit during the World Cup, mainly due to the large interest that it draws from all over. The World Cup is where you’ll find the bulk of player props and game props, and you even get options during it to bet on which teams will advance out of each group, with odds varying. The toughest part about betting on the World Cup can be all of the games and bets that are offered throughout the month. There are typically 4 games per day, with different betting options on each game.

Soccer Betting Tips and Betting Strategy

As previously mentioned, soccer betting can be the most profitable or the hardest sport to bet on. The most important thing to start off with, is to know the teams that you’re betting on. Since there are so many teams around the world that are constantly playing; you may get into a spot of wanting to bet on teams that you don’t know, which is a bad idea. Always research the teams you bet, and also make sure that you stay with teams you know so that you can follow their tendencies and how they’ve played as of late. Another important thing to remember, is to pick and choose prop bets during the World Cup. There may be a ton of prop bets offered out there, but you don’t win any awards for betting a ton of props. You’d be better off researching your props carefully and betting on just a few of them. The main thing to remember though is to manage your bankroll, and don’t bet too much on something that you don’t really know about. If you manage your bankroll and bet smart, you’ll be fine when soccer betting!